Property Pins

Our Property Marking Pins are made of your choice, Cedar or SPF. They are made to legal specifications with beveled top and painted. They are sold individually and are built on orders as we need lead time to produce.


We have made a few styles of crates for customers shipping various items. Contact us to see if we can help you ship your items too!


Our Wedges are made of quality Fir lumber. They are 3" x 12" with a 1 1/2" taper. Sold in bundles of 20.

Cable Stands

Our Cable Stands are used at mine sites to safely mark & keep off the ground, large electrical cables, used by large equipment. They are constructed with 4, 2"x3" legs crossed to form a pylon effect. Braced with an angled 1"x6" these cable stands are built with quality and strength. We paint the top half of each leg with florescent orange stain and also attach a piece of reflective tape so to make each stand very visible in both day and night.

Bat Houses

Our Bat Houses are our newest product. They are Single Chamber Houses that can house up to approx. 100 bats each. They meet the standards of the Bat Conservation Assoc. They are 26.5"x24"x2", stained dark brown and come with a roof. These houses help to provide a home for bats away from unwanted places like roof sofit and gutters. They provide a home for the bats which in turn help to keep your bug population down!

Drilling Additives

This is the list of Di Corp products that we carry:

  • Big Bear Rod Grease
  • Linseed Soap
  • Extra High Yield Bentonite
  • Enviroplug
  • Jet-Lube Thread Shield
  • Diamond Gel

Contact Us

Tel: +1 (780) 395-5020
Mobile: +1 (780) 887-0085

E-mail: DwayneDykstra@di-corp.com
Website: www.di-corp.com

Address: 507 - 14 Avenue, Nisku, AB, Canada T9E 7M8

Survey Stakes & Hubs

Our Survey stakes are a pencil-pointed, stakes made up of quality SPF dressed lumber, allowing for smooth writing surface. We stock lengths of 18", 24", 36", & 48". We can supply other sizes upon request.

They are sold in bundles of 25 or 50.

Boat Docks

We are now offering fully customized docks built to order! Our family owned business has over 30 years of trusted wood manufacturing experience, along with our high quality products, and competitive pricing, so we got you covered! Give us a call/email for info on options and pricing. (We also have delivery options available so we can bring your custom dock right to you)

Our Docks Include:

  • Pressure Treated Wood
  • Galvanized & Coated Fasteners
  • Floats that have 450 lb rating each!
  • Built with extra framing strength for durability!

Extra Features Available:

  • Galvanized Kleats
  • Edge Bump Rails & Corners
  • Aluminum Ladders
  • Solar Deck Lights
  • Holders
  • Connecting Joints for Multiple Docks or walkways
  • Many, many other items!!