Free-standing Unit

The core rack is comprised of a treated wood base, with lumber drilled for steel bars, braced for stability.

Warehouse Stacking Units

The core rack (4′ x 4′ x 8′) is comprised of lumber, plywood, and steel bars with a built in stability system developed by RML.

We also do partial assembly to minimize field assembly tools & time, and reducing freight costs!

Double-Sided Rack with Roof

The core rack (8′(6′) W x 6′ H x 20′ L),with a built in stability system developed by RML. This rack stores a large amount of core in small area under a roof.

By far our most popular model! We can deliver & locate these on your site; all you have to supply is a level & compacted area with good drainage.

Container Style

The rack is designed to fit inside a standard shipping container. Can be very handy in securing your core on site by locking inside the container.

Core Racks on Location

As you will see in these photos, our racks can withstand the elements and can be placed and organized to create a nice and neat core storage area!