Field Boxes

“Western Style” Core Boxes

Western Style core boxes are designed to be the same height as the diameter of the core. This allows for the best proper containment of samples in areas where the rock layers are fractured and have many different seams (mainly the mountain regions of North America).

We are very comfortable in supplying large drill programs. As the pictures below show, we can look after full trailer loads in a very timely manner.

Core Box & Lid Components:

  • plywood bottoms & dividers
  • dressed SPF lumber sides and ends
  • fastened with galvanized staples
  • banded in bundles with steel banding
  • lids are lengths & widths as required (one piece of plywood)
  • "KDHT lumber" - for international shipping purposes

Stock Core Box Sizes:

HQ, NQ, NQ2, & PQ in 5' length
Sonic Boxes 5” 2 Row & 6” 1 Row
HQ, NQ, NQ2 in 4' length

Custom Core Boxes:

We can build other lengths and core diameters but need lead time to assemble.

Box Custom Extras:

  • rope handles
  • screws - bottom corner for added strength
  • web hinges for box/lid combo
  • drainage ends

Marking Blocks:

  • Made from mixed trim pieces.
Partial Assembled

This option comes with the box fully assembled but has one end piece left unattached. This allows us to inter-lock two boxes together placing the two free end pieces inside the inter-locked boxes.

This option allows us to maximize more space which allows us to ship more boxes on a pallet which cuts the freight cost per box down by nearly one half!

This option requires minimal labor on site to attach the loose ends to the box. We can provide fasteners when requested.

Sonic Boxes

We build many sizes of Sonic Core Boxes for geo-technical work, soil sample projects and many others. The sizes range from 4"-8" diameter spacing, and length is up to you. These boxes come with lid as well, the ends of each box are drilled and ready for the poly rope handles that we also include inside the box for onsite installation.

Hinged Lid Option

This option comes with Nylon Webbing, secured by staples to allow you to have a fixed lid to the box and easy access to the core.

Rotary Drill Samples

Our Rotary Drill Sample core boxes are made in a ‘grid-like' shape. They are made to store chip-like cuttings from this application of drilling.

Products in Use

These are a few pictures of our products being used in the field and at drill sites by our customers.