Boat Docks

We are now offering fully customized docks built to order! Our family owned business has over 30 years of trusted wood manufacturing experience, along with our high quality products, and competitive pricing, we got you covered! Give us a call/email for info on options and pricing. (We also have delivery options available so we can bring your custom dock right to you)

  • Our Docks Include:
  • Pressure Treated Wood
  • Galvanized & Coated Fasteners
  • Floats that have 450 lb rating each!
  • Built with extra framing strength for durability!
  • Extra Features Available:
  • Galvanized Kleats
  • Edge Bump Rails & Corners
  • Aluminum Ladders
  • Solar Deck Lights
  • Holders
  • Connecting Joints for Multiple Docks or walkways
  • Many, many other items!!

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799 Athabasca St. East Kamloops, BC V2H 1C7