What our clients have to say...

Brian Brett, Linda Shaw, and Leo and Norman Shaw, L.D.S. Diamond Drilling Ltd.

NOVEMBER 20th 2018

“After many years of working together, Robertson MFG has impressed L.D.S. Diamond Drilling Ltd. with their exemplary service & quality coreboxes. We're looking forward to continued friendships & successful business ventures moving forward.

Thanks So Much!”

Bryan Wright, Allnorth Land Surveyors

NOVEMBER 15th 2018

“I deal with Kier and his team on a regular basis, picking up survey stakes and guard stakes.  It truly feels like they are a part of my team.  Always professional, friendly, and helpfully.
Thank you guys, keep up the good work.”

Rob Lukacs, Earth Drilling Co Ltd. - VP Strategic Development

OCTOBER 25th 2018

“Earth Drilling has used Robertson Mfg as a vendor for core boxes for the past five years. Throughout this time, customer service has been exceptional, and product continuously delivered on time. Reliability and competitive pricing are greatly important to our business, something Robertson Mfg maintains as a core value.”

Dwayne Dykstra, DiCorp - Western Canada Sales Manager, Mining and Drilling Products

OCTOBER 22nd 2018

“We are always impressed at the service and quality of products that we receive from the whole Robertson team. We are rarely able to give them a long lead time for our orders but somehow, they never disappoint us and the delivery timelines are always met. We were also so impressed with the Robertson team that we started stocking some of our products in their yard as their attention to detail and strong service model assured me that this was a good industry affiliation to be apart of.”

Tabatha Monk, BC Hydro - Design Technician

DECEMBER 16th 2014

“BC Hydro has been using Robertson Manufacturing Ltd for our design stakes for some time now; they are always professional and very service orientated. The stakes are delivered promptly and are of great quality. I have also recommended them to Telus.

Thank you for always meeting our needs and I look forward to doing business with you in the future!”

Marissa Moore, B.C.L.S. - Land Surveyor - Allnorth Land Surveyors

DECEMBER 16th 2014

“Our Land Surveying firm started using Robertson Mfg. in the summer of 2013 to provide our stakes and hubs. We have been extremely impressed with the quality and price of their product, but more importantly with their customer service. We greatly appreciate your support in our annual BCLS Golf Tournament and look forward to maintaining a strong business relationship for years to come!”

John Sumpter, Purchasing & Logistics - Foundex

DECEMBER 16th 2014

“I have dealing with Robertson Mfg. Since the early days with Ministry of transport Geotechnical Branch up to today, as time changes and clients requests change as well Robertson Mfg. has always risen to the task whether precise specs for clients or tight timelines.

For delivery, your staff have gone above and beyond to meet our requests – whatever the need. I look forward to working with you in the future. (Not sure I will make it another 25 years) in the industry”

Elena Kuznetsova

NOVEMBER 5th 2014

“This year we have been particularly impressed with the commitment and dedication from the entire team on meeting our new process requirements that could easily intimidate even the toughest and largest companies, and successfully meeting even tighter timelines under these circumstances.

Robertson is a core box supplier with truly strong ‘core' values and thinking that are definitely ‘outside the box'!”

Kari Massey, Cabo Drilling Pacific

APRIL 20th 2012

“Cabo Drilling has received exemplary service from Robertson Mfg. for several years. They have met all of our specific and sometimes unreasonable requests. From tight deadlines to awkward deliveries Robertson has always come through for us. Congratulations on your first 25 years and we look forward to working with you for the next 25.”

Gordon Gibbons, Mud Bay Drilling

MARCH 23rd 2012

“We have been using Robertson core boxes (Sonic & HQ) for the past 10 years and have always found the staff of Robertson Manufacturing to be very responsive and helpful for our needs and schedules.”

Len Leeuw, Dawson Construction Ltd

MARCH 21st 2012

“Congratulations on your 25 years in business! We have been very happy with your service and products, and look forward to working with you in the future.”

Randy Madiuk, Foraco Drilling

MARCH 21st 2012

“Congratulations are in store for 25 years of success. Foraco has appreciated your prompt and friendly service for many of those years and look forward to the next 25”

Warren Thompson, Nevada Exploration Manager - Premier Fold Mines USA Inc.

MARCH 21st 2012

“It would be a pleasure for me and our team to recommend your company to anyone seeking quality core boxes for shipping and display.”